Monday, August 27, 2012

Out of the woodwork

I kind of disappeared for a while there didn't I?  Well, I'm back with a vengeance!

This summer has been one of the busiest that I've had in years. Between weddings, birthdays, vacations and various trips, I've had very little time to sit and relax. There were several times that I wished teleportation existed so I wouldn't have to drive in my car for hours, but the amazing moments I shared with all my friends, family and of course Mike, were well worth the multiple trips from Pennsylvania to New York and everywhere in between.

Well, another big change has taken place this week. Mike and I have moved back to New York!

I know, I know, "But you JUST moved to Pennsylvania!".  Well, at the end of July, Mike was offered a new job opportunity that just so happens to be back in our home state. And if there's any place that I'd gladly relocate to at the drop of a hat, New York would be it. 

Mike and I really enjoyed our time in PA, and we would gladly do it all over again if given the chance. We may not have wanted to spend the rest of our lives there, but it was an amazing experience and adventure for the both of us. Overall, I am super excited to be close to friends and family again. Even though, as my friend Jenna has said, it seemed I saw them more than when I was living in NY, haha!  Absence makes the heart grow fonder? :)

My laptop went kaput about a month ago, but I will do my best to update regularly again. For now it's back to unpacking and settling in. So happy to be back in the Empire State!

Monday, April 30, 2012

Settled in

It has been 6 weeks since we first moved into our place. I still cannot believe how fast the time is going! It seems like just yesterday we were unpacking our many boxes and learning the roads to drive into town.

The first 2 weeks here were definitely a little bit of a culture shock. Going from the crowded stores and traffic of the Southern State Expressway, to this small town in Pennsylvania with its winding rural roads and the quiet that comes with living in a wooded area. It was a BIG change for me, but I'm so happy to feel myself settling in and being so content here :)

With Summer approaching, I can't wait to explore all there is to do here especially hiking, finding trails and outdoor activities in general. Hopefully in the coming months we can coax some friends and family to make the drive to come visit Mike and I... you know who you are! ;) There is definitely a LOT to look forward to in the next few months!

Here's some iPhone pics from the past week or two..

my house keys are on this awesome key chain.
It was a present from one of my best friends, Jenna. She knows me so well!
back porch :)
confetti nails!  got the idea from Pinterest
what I woke up to on Sunday morning posted to my door ♥ ♥
The "more" was a big hug & a kiss good morning
we had dinner out in Scranton on Saturday. this is gin + cucumber + mint + lime juice = so good!
I ordered these last week :) impractical? maybe. but I love with them

And lastly here are all the yummy veggies and fruits I've been eating!...

Morningstar veggie burger on a flatbread with lettuce, tomato & low fat mozz
For lunch last week:
toast with feta and tomato, & a salad with broccoli, carrots and strawberries
Our dinner tonight!...
....Strawberry salad! 
I added some baby carrots and walnuts, but it's not as good as Mama Meister's!

There is a farmer's market that will be opening soon in Mike's office building. I cannot wait to stop by there and get some great locally grown, fresh fruits and veggies!

Hope you all had a great weekend!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Pink Gingham, Sandy & Veggies!

This is my beloved little Sandy. For reasons unbeknownst to me she has taken to scaling the walls of her cage and making it onto the "ceiling", performing a trapeze act until she falls. and then of course she gets back on her feet and does it all over again, haha.

I wanted to share this quick little "Outfit of the Day" from Sunday. Mike and I went into town and did some shopping. The weather was rainy and overall "blah", so I just went with this casual pink gingham button up, a white cami, jeans and my comfy beige flats.
gold bracelet from my grandmother

And just because I was so happy with the lunch I made today :-) ....

Salad with broccoli, carrots, red & green pepper, topped with sunflower seeds

If you're not following me already, find me on Instagram & pinterest!...
Instagram username: barb_baez

...I'm kind of obsessed with both :)

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Life as of late + iphone pics

After being out and about today, Mike and I are spending the rest of the night on the couch watching Season 4 of Prison Break. Special thanks to my sister Maria & her boyfriend Chad for getting me sucked into this show, and subsequently getting Mike hooked on it as well! 

Anyone have suggestions for a show available on Netflix that we can watch next? Preferably one that is already over so we can watch the whole series.

and for now, here are some iPhone pictures I've taken recently :)

cousins making grass angels
my little cousin Daniyella. Dandelions are "flowers" :)

on easter sunday    

yeah, he's my better half
in our natural state :-)
my outfit of the day today
 my royal blue pants ♥ loving colored jeans for spring & summer

Mike just turned to me, saw my computer screen, and asked if he was making his blog debut. I realized that I haven't posted a picture of him until now! And of course he only likes taking silly photos with me :)   We'll have to get more photoshoots in as the weather gets warmer here in PA, and we get to explore the local spots in our area.

Hope you're all having  a great night and weekend!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

(sorta) Throwback Thursday

I know the whole point of "Throwback Thursday" is to showcase pictures that are super old, possibly embarrassing and all around nostalgic. But since these were taken 3 weeks ago that's kind of a throwback, right?

Found some pictures on my computer that my dad took as I was getting ready to leave New York for PA, and also some that I took in the weeks before the move....

Borrowed boxes from my friend Jenna. She said to ignore the smiley faces all over them, but I couldn't :)
Day of the move. My room looks a little disheveled here....
....disheveled and barren. My desk area looks so empty!
Stuffed to the gills
My jeep liberty <3
Sandy all ready to head to Pennsylvania
my amazingly comfy bed back home. which I still get to snuggle in when I visit :)
vanity with the tea light set Mike got me for my birthday. It's now the centerpiece for our dining room table

This weekend's task for Mike and I is to make the apartment more "home-y". On Saturday we'll be making a trip to Walmart and picking out some decorative items, which I'll probably enjoy a lot more than Mike, haha :)   I just wish we could paint the walls here! One of the down sides to renting. But I'm sure we'll find our way around that obstacle and start making this place completely Ours.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter recap

So, we didn't end up doing an egg hunt this year! Much to the dismay of my sister's boyfriend Chad. He won our egg hunt last year and was fully ready to claim bragging rights again for 2012! Even without the extra candy and goodies, I had a great day with my family.

We got up early and headed to our favorite bagel shop before church. Now, I'm not overly religious. I have faith, but I am definitely not a devout catholic. Easter Sunday is really the only time you will find me in a church. It's nice because it has become a tradition with our family to go together on Easter, and it brings us closer together.  Not saying that my sister and I are the most well behaved 23 & 24 year olds there, but it feels really nice once mass is over to come out with a new sense of goodness.

My wonderful family <3
Maria's eyes are closed! but full outfit shot
Pastel nails :)
Dad calls this the "Charlie's Angels" shot
reviewing pictures of course

Everything looks so cheery and wonderful in these pictures, but little did I know that Mike and I would endure the worst traffic trying to get back to PA.  One of the very few things that I don't miss about Long Island is the traffic!  But I'll gladly grit my teeth and bear it if it means spending an amazing day with my family :)

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend & Easter with your loved ones!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Catching up

Yes, yes, I know. I've been neglectful of my blog for a bit, but now I'm back!

This past week was pretty busy. Mike and I were in New York last weekend for my friend Eric's 25th birthday, and our stay was extended because unfortunately there was a death in Mike's family. I wish I knew his grandmother better, but I'm glad I was able to be there to support Mike and his family.

Tomorrow we'll both be headed to NY again for Easter Sunday to spend time with our families. And yes, I am 24 and Mike is 26, and we both still do Easter egg hunts with our siblings! To be fair, my sister and I arranged an egg hunt for our parents last year and they loved it :)

Here are some photos from Eric's birthday in NYC. We celebrated at this bar/lounge called Butterfield 8, we had a great time so I definitely recommend it...

One of my best friends! Me & the birthday boy
my favorite boys. Abel, Garrett, Eric
Melissa, Lina & Me
The painted wine glass maker! my Sam
we celebrated Corinne's birthday also :)  How pretty is her teal dress?

 I'll make sure to take some pictures of our Easter festivities this year. Maybe I'll dig up the pictures from my parents egg hunt last year.   I mean, seeing two adults in their 50's run around the house with an Easter basket in hand is quite entertaining to say the least :)